Oh, Hello. We are Uncompany.

We are redefining what work can mean. We know that productivity doesn’t always have to equal 9 to 5 and that great talent can as easily exist in a coffee shop as it can in a corner office. As the landscape of work changes we hustle to make it easy for top talent and innovative companies to connect, do great work, and build accountability. We are making unconventional working, more workable.

Uncompany Octopus graphic

Meet Octy

Our Uncompany spirit animal is Octy the Octopus. Why you may ask? To us, the octopus is the perfect animal to represent Uncompany.

One body, many arms

We all live under the Uncompany umbrella, but due to the unique skills that all of our freelancers bring we have a broad reach. Did you also know that each octopus arm has a mind of its own? Hmmmm.

Highly Intelligent

We have worked in many of the countries top agencies. We bring work history, experience, and skills. We also understand complicated math...well, some of us do.

Shapeshifter & Camouflage

We can adapt. We are flexible. We can take a budget, a project and a timeline and find a way to make it work.

Who We Are

making unconventional work more workable

  • Maari

    Founder, CEO
    Maari Founder, CEO
  • John

    Director of Operations
    John Director of Operations
  • Richelle

    Operations Coordinator
    Richelle Operations Coordinator
  • Michelle

    Michelle Finance
  • Carol

    Carol Recruiting