Uncompany Exhibit A // OnDeck

Uncompany Exhibit A // OnDeck


This Exhibit A is made effective as of     and is by and between  (“CLIENT”) and The Uncompany, LLC (“Uncompany”). 

CLIENT desires for Uncompany to perform the OnDeck Services as described below. 

All terms and conditions for Uncompany’s OnDeck Services shall be governed by the Master Service Agreement.  If there is a conflict between the Master Service Agreement and this Exhibit then the Master Service Agreement shall prevail.

How It Works //
OnDeck is your flexible staff on standby. We build a custom freelance staff based on your business needs tracked on an hourly basis, and shared transparently with your team.

Uncompany will select and vet a pool of qualified freelancers and create a custom staffing plan on behalf of CLIENT on an as needed basis. Uncompany will directly engage the services of qualified freelancers as independent contractors and shall execute an Independent Contractor Agreement between Uncompany and each freelancer. 

Uncompany will discuss CLIENT project requirements with the CLIENT hiring manager, and will agree upon preferred freelancer qualifications, experience, and hourly rate.  Uncompany will introduce freelancers who meet the CLIENT requirements, and CLIENT will coordinate the completion of the services to be provided by each freelancer. Selected freelancers will provide estimates of their time and services and their availability to CLIENT at the outset of each project.  Selected freelancers will track their time in half (½) hour increments. 

Uncompany will handle all payments to selected freelancers.  Uncompany shall provide CLIENT with a shared electronic timesheet through which CLIENT can track in real time how selected freelancers are utilizing time.  

Fees //
At the end of each month, CLIENT shall pay any invoice submitted by Uncompany for freelancers time worked in that corresponding month, including a one and a half percent (1.5%) management fee added to total. CLIENT will also pay applicable fee associated with OnDeck Tier either monthly or annually based on agreement. Payment is due NET 30 via ACH payment. Any late payment could incur one and a half percent (1.5%) late fee or result in cancellation of OnDeck Services by Uncompany.

Payment Information//
You will keep your contact information, billing information and credit card information up-to-date. Changes may be communicated via email to christine@weareuncompany.com. 

Conversion of Freelance Candidate to Full Time Employment //

The terms of this type of conversion shall be dictated by the Master Service Agreement.

OnDeck Contacts//
Richelle Stewart// richelle@weareuncompany.com

Terms //
Start date:
End date: Dec. 31, 2022

OnDeck Guidelines:


  • Client understands OnDeck team members are not always available and have the right to turn down assignment due to availability or preference.

  • Client must initiate project work via email, including the project code and tagging freelancer via their OnDeck client sheet.

  • Client must thoroughly communicate project details: scope, timing, and budget via email and OnDeck client sheet, to their assigned freelancer.

  • Client must regularly review their OnDeck team members to ensure that team is current and engaged in regular work with the client.

  • Client must communicate with Uncompany any desire to adjust their OnDeck team, remove or add new members.

  • Client understands that adding new OnDeck team members can take up to 2 weeks or longer.

  • Client understands that late or nonpayment for OnDeck hours may result in a late fee or could result in a pause to their OnDeck team.


The signature below confirms acceptance of this Exhibit A, Uncompany’s OnDeck Services and any related Statement of Work(s).

The Uncompany, LLC

Maari Casey, Founder & CEO  








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