Featured Freelancer: Charious McLaurin

Written by Maari Casey on July 10, 2019

Meet Charious McLaurin: UX Architect and Researcher from East Chicago and 12 year freelancing veteran.

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With over 300 freelancers in our network, we are in no shortage of uncompromising talent and while we’d love to tell you about every single one of them that might just take some time. So hang tight and in the meantime we are happy to introduce you to a few of them. 

July’s featured freelancer is Charious McLaurin: a UX Architect and Researcher from East Chicago who loves the experience of new challenges, the complexities of cultures he has entered to do his work, and learning about the nature of the people he gets to design for. 

Charious has been freelancing for close to a decade and has worked with a diverse variety of agencies and clients. From websites to mobile sites to entire systems, Charious is a well-rounded UX designer. He believes great products come from truly understanding its users – their needs, contexts, and the environment. We asked him a couple questions about his experience as a freelancer in the Windy City and are excited to share with you his perspective. 

What do you do? 

I am a User Experience Designer & Researcher. I strive to design intuitive experiences that delight end users as well as meet their needs. My experience is derived from a diverse variety of agency and client work. 

What is your “exit” story? Why did you decide to freelance?

I have never had a full time UX Architect role. The truth is I never wanted one and I hope I never have to take one. Full time roles are great ideas but for me, I love the anxious feeling of finding my next destination, that feeling of hearing what big projects are on the horizon. I love the exciting feeling of knowing I have contributed to the successful adoption of so many products in both big and small enterprise businesses. 

Share how freelancing has been great and/or how it has been hard. 

Freelancing is more than just getting a job in between jobs, it’s a way of life (literally) you have to constantly be in the know of what’s going on and how you can be of service. This requires continuing education, constantly answering the phone for recruiters, staying active in various online communities that value your skillset and most importantly managing your money. Opportunities come and go, but how you manage them ultimately decides your perception of this professional lifestyle. 

What is some advice you would share with clients on how to best work with freelancers?

I think the best way to work with freelancers is to use truth as a northstar. The inception of a great idea is amazing. The people involved can hardly contain their enthusiasm and that’s awesome but for a freelancer we see new ideas and projects that are intended to change the world or make Eric’s job easier all the time. Tell us the whole vision, expectations, goals, people involved and reasonable time lines in the beginning and please don’t make us decipher these things. It is a much better use of your capital if our time and your money are spent on testing solutions to your problem and delivering you the product you want to share with the world. 

What is some advice you would share with soon-to-be or wish-to-be freelancers?

I would say spend as much time as you can learning and observing the people you are around all the time. Our job is to create a seamless bridge between the known and appreciated. We create paths that allow our end-users to get the most out of something they are using to create or complete a task. 

Charious is just one of many exceptional freelancers we have in our network. Freelancers like Charious are the reason that Uncompany exists and why we can provide UNRIVALED talent to our clients.