Featured Freelancer: Rachel Levy

Written by Maari Casey on June 7, 2019

Meet Rachel Levy, SVP-level Integrated Marketer, Digital Strategist and Content Creator with 15 years diversified experience developing integrated and digital advertising for for iconic global brands including: SC Johnson, United Airlines, Burger King and Dove, Butterball & Eli Lilly.

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With over 300 freelancers in our network, we are in no shortage of uncompromising talent and while we’d love to tell you about every single one of them that might just take some time. So hang tight and in the meantime we are happy to introduce you to a few of them.

This month we are introducing to you to Rachel Levy: a Content Strategist with over 15 years of experience working with some of the world’s most renowned advertising and marketing agencies.

Rachel’s experience covers a lot of ground spanning Brand, Content and Digital Strategy, Content Creation & Copy Writing, Account Leadership, and Project Management; a jack of many trades. She takes a human-first approach to all of her thinking, including marketing strategies, client relationships and her personal life as well. She’s been freelancing for 7 months now and says she wouldn’t go back. We’ve asked her a couple questions about her time and as a freelancer and we love her story.

What do you do?

It sounds cliche’, but I do a lot. My portfolio includes a spectrum of strategy services, priding myself on bringing the strategy all the way through to execution to exemplify how it comes to life. I’m also a writer and content developer, a creative director and media planner. I’ve logged many years as an Account Director, so I’m a client partner and advocate at heart. Think of me as a one-stop-shop in the most versatile way possible. My clients have included Ziploc, OFF, Dove, Burger King, United Airlines, Kerrygold, Wrigley, and several non-profit and academic institutions.

What is your “exit” story? Why did you decide to freelance?

My “exit” from agency world could be blamed on our move from the heart of Chicago to NC, but that would be taking the easy way out. Truthfully, I’ve dreamt of pursuing my own professional endeavor for years, and being one to always veer out of my swim lane, I found the confines of agency roles and titles really limiting. I wanted to create a way of working where I could continue to grow and expand my skill set, and clients could benefit from a cross-functional collaborator. And so, R DIGITAL, my independent entity was born.

Share how freelancing has been great and/or how it has been hard.

At first, freelancing was anxiety-provoking. I’ve been pitching new business for years on behalf of a number of high-profile agencies, in hopes to pique the interest of equally high-profile clients. But when it came to pitching myself, it was challenging to articulate at first, and took me far more time to formulate my own personal brand positioning vs. that of a prospect client. But with practice, came improvement, and confidence. There’s more at stake when you’re a freelancer. Everything you do is a reflection on you as a professional, and as a person. I’ve found what was originally anxiety provoking to also be the aspect of freelancing that I now enjoy the most. I’m proud of my offering, and of my brand, and of my unique style. It’s been a journey worth taking!

What is some advice you would share with clients on how to best work with freelancers?

Freelancers are super talented, motivated individuals who had the guts to create something of their own. They are not supplemental staff. They’re talented agency veterans who can impact all aspects of your business and you should use them!

What is some advice you would share with soon-to-be or wish-to-be freelancers?

If you’re nervous because of the ambiguity of the unknown, still do it. Nothing truly rewarding is ever easy. Remember, Beyonce practiced for 8-months leading up to her two-hour Coachella performance. All hard work pays off when you give it dedication and time.

Rachel is just one of many exceptional freelancers we have in our network. Freelancers like Rachel are the reason that Uncompany exists and why we can provide UNRIVALED talent to our clients.