We understand that you have questions. Here are a few we hear quite a bit and some of the answers.

May all your questions be answered


How are you different from other recruiting companies?

Uncompany is created by and run by people who understand the industry. We find matches and solutions for needs based on more than just a skill check but also who will be a good long-term match for our clients. Our pricing is simple and transparent and there are no extras. We have built a system and process that reduces time loss sorting through resumes, processing SOWs, and managing payments and budget. We are more than just a way to find talent, we are a system to reduce the friction you find with typical freelance agencies.


What kinds of positions can you help me fill?

We focus on freelance, contract, full-time, projects and quick-turn tasks. We have talent will skills that encompass almost everything you would find in a large global agency or marketing department. We span from digital, research, management, strategy to creative, production and content.


How big is your pool of talent?

Our pool is over 500 and growing. We focus primarily on senior level talent with 15 or more years of experience. We do have some mid and junior talent if they have displayed to us that they can self-manage and deliver a high caliber of work.


What is the differences between your services?

OnDeck is for quick-turn tasks and builds our clients a custom team of freelancers that is onboarded proactively to their business. The client can pull from this team throughout the year with very little start-up time and simple admin.

Projects is for fixed budget or multi-freelancer teams. We build the team and project scope based on your need and budget and set the team up to work with you directly.

Recruiting is for your longer contract or even full-time needs.


What if I’m unhappy with my freelancer or team?

We do our best to try to mitigate and work through situations but sometimes the fit isn’t the right fit. From there we will work to find a replacement for your freelancer or team and get them up to speed as quickly as possible to reduce delay for your project.


Are your freelancers available for a full-time placement?

Some of our freelancers are open to full-time placement if the fit is right. If you are interested in full-time or even freelance to full-time hires we ask that you let us know upfront so we can only bring you talent that is interested in converting to full-time.


What types of documents do you need from us to get started as a client?

You can sign-up by filling out our form here. Then you will be prompted to learn more and connect with us on a quick call where we can learn more about you and your potential needs. From there you will be sent additional information from Richelle, our Client manager who will send your our terms document and our client onboarding worksheet.


“Terms document” and “Onboarding worksheet” sounds scary. I just want a freelancer. Do I have to fill those out before looking at talent?

I promise they aren’t scary. Our Terms document or MSA just is our high level, boilerplate agreement that covers things like ownership of work, process details and expectations. There is no commitment to work with us upon signing this document. Our Onboarding worksheet is a super useful tool for us to “brief” in your freelancers or teams when they work with you. We like to make sure that at project start your team is up to speed and ready to jump into work.