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You’ll Get

  • Benefits of being an existing client.

What you can expect from us:


Professionalism –

The freelancers in our community are professional and experienced. They have worked within an agency or independently for an average of 15-20 years. We dot our “t’s” and cross our “i’s”.


Partnership –

We will work with you to find the best solution for your team. We are problem solvers first which is one quality that led us to build Uncompany. We will bring that same ingenuity when working with you.


Transparency –

We don’t like hoops and sliding scales, hidden costs, or extra layers. We work our hardest to simplify and clarify things for you at all points of our relationship.

What we expect of you:


Partnership –

We expect you to view us as part of your team. We want you to feel invested in the process and know that your input matters in a big way.


Communication –

We do our best to communicate at all points and expect the same with our clients. No one is great at mind-reading so whenever there is a doubt we will jump on the phone. Human to human.


Respect –

Our way of working is a unique one but one we’ve worked in and studied for a long time. We look for clients that respect us and our freelancers as business owners and value-providers first and foremost.

The Job Request Process

Let’s Get This Job Started

Getting a job started with Uncompany is easy, just follow these few steps and you’ll be on your way to simplifying your work life and filling your needs with awesome freelance talent in a streamlined way. Less back and forth and more GET IT DONE.

Select the appropriate form to fit your job type from the options below, and fill out the form  with as much detail about the job as possible to help us find the right candidates for you.
The Uncompany team will review your request. If we need additional information we will contact you before posting the job to potential candidates.
3. Gathering Proposals
Uncompany will send the job to candidates who fit your needs. We will tailor a proposal for you based on our understanding for your needs for the project.
4. Proposal REVIEW
You will review the proposal, select the candidate/s, and finalize the scope. Once the scope is finalized, Uncompany will send an SOW for your signature.
5. Project kick-off
After you have signed the SOW we 
will shceudle a Kick-Off with you and your team.
*This is just an estimate of timing based on average projects and client responsiveness.

Select the option that best fits your need

Project Request

Our PROJECT service is a good fit if you have a fixed budget, need a team, or just want to test the Unco waters before full immersion.

OnDeck Team Request

Our ONDECK service is a good fit you have on-going monthly work and need a regular freelance bench to pull from, already onboarded, rates set, and ready to go.

Recruiting Request

Our RECRUITMENT service is a good fit if you need a longer-term placement, even full-time. We work with you to find your next favorite contractor or hire.