Maybe you have a freelancer that you want to go steady with? Take things to the next level by setting up a contract. 10-20-30+ hours per week? Setting up an Uncompany freelancer on contract can give you consistency and continuity. It also lets you test the viability of a position before making the leap into a full-time hire.

How it works

You fill out the details needed for the role in our form, pay the $275 search fee, and we will get started building a recommended list of potential contract freelancers for you to review. Once we finalize your choice, we take over getting them set up with a contract, onboarded, and integrated into your team.

The steps for finding your freelance contractor:

  1. Send us contract details
  2. Pay the $275 sourcing fee
  3. Review recommended candidates
  4. Make selection
  5. Off to the races


Guaranteed hours
Your contractor can work the set hours per week and block off their time to guarantee they are available

Build and grow your team scalably
Working with a contractor allows you to grow your team without adding fixed head count or fixed cost

Back office + compliance
We take care of ACH payment for your freelancers, time tracking reports, tax reporting, NDAs

Consistency + continuity
Setting up a contract gives you consistency to ensure your project doesn’t loose pace

Test the viability of a position
Try out the viability of a possible long-term hire by starting with a contractor – try before you buy

Dedicated Client Manager
Your Client Manager will be your guide and advisor while implementing your contract freelancer. They will provide weekly check-ins and monthly temp checks to review freelancer use, project numbers, and growth opportunities.


“We’ve always valued contractors, and this was a way to have somebody else manage the contractor relationships and allow us to fulfill our needs dynamically.”
–  Todd Moser / VP Marketing, Adwerx