Free Agent Resources

Hello there. Welcome to the Free Agent Resources page. As freelancers ourselves we understand the ins and outs, highs and lows of running your own business and why being an independent is the best thing since sliced bread. This page will be updated with resources, information, and links so come back periodically. If you haven’t signed up yet to be a free agent click here to make it happen.

Let’s get growing

Once you are signed up as a Free Agent you will receive our email series that will share 5 steps in building and growing your business. The emails will come with worksheets you can download and fill out. After the series you will get emails from us with updates on events, webinars, jobs, and community. Below is a little sneak peak on the worksheets. Who doesn’t love a little homework, am I right?


We will be updating the resources below with new toolkits, information, and opportunities. Check back often.


But what about the work?

Finding work is a key part of running a successful business. While there is no guarantee of work with Uncompany we are always trying hard to bring in new clients and new opportunities. As a Free Agent Member you will be notified when we are looking to source for an open client job or when we are adding new skill sets to our Working Member pool. Our Working Members have been vetted and trained freelancers to work directly with Uncompany clients. Below you will find more information on the steps to become a Working Member.

Stage 1: Free Agent

You’ve already taken the first step. Free Agent membership gets you in the door. We’ve learned a little about your skills, and we’ll use that to reach out to you when we need to fill a spot in our Working Member pool

Stage 2: Join, and participate in the Community

Let us know more about you. Be active in the community. Join our Slack channel. Connect to our growing network with virtual happy hours and events. Ask us questions in our webinars and Zoom chats. The more we know about you, the more likely we are to find a good opportunity for you.

Stage 3: A Job Opportunity

When a job opens up that we think you might be a good fit for we will reach out to you with information: scope, budget and timing.

Stage 4: Job Application

Once you receive the job you will fill out a simple proposal, accept or submit your estimate and interest to the job.

Stage 5: Client Review

Once you complete and submit your proposal we will take those details and your bio and work and submit your complete proposal to the client for review. The client will then review and possibly interview you for the job before accepting your proposal.

Stage 6: Off to the Races!

Once the client has an opportunity to review and accepts your proposal we will set-up a contract and if needed, onboard you to the client. After this you will be off to the races and working directly with the client through the job.


May all your questions be answered