We understand that you have questions. Here are a few we hear quite a bit and some of the answers.

May all your questions be answered


Is Uncompany just a recruiting group?

No, recruiting and job placement is a lot of what we do but we are built on three pillars: Opportunities (jobs), Education (career development), and Community (connections). As we grow we continue to develop the business with these three things in mind.


How did Uncompany start?

Uncompany was started when we saw a need in the growing freelance market to build a system and community that made freelancing and working with freelancers as frictionless as possible.


Is there a guarantee of work?

There is no guarantee of work. We do our best to connect you with jobs but can’t guarantee steady work exclusively through us.


How much of the freelancers fee do you take?

We don’t cut into our freelancer’s fee. Our pricing is built based on client budgets and freelancers’ estimates.


What does being a “Free Agent” member get me?

As a Free Agent, you will be included in weekly email correspondence that will connect you to events, and news. In 2022 we will be introducing education that will help you build and grow your business.


If I work with Uncompany can I work with other clients/recruiting groups?

Yes, you are free to work with whomever you want. We only ask that if you are introduced via Uncompany to a client that you work through us on that client.


How long does it take to get paid?

We pay NET 30 from the time your invoice is received and approved as long as you have signed and uploaded all needed paperwork. (ICA, tax documents, direct deposit information)


What types of clients do you work with?

We work with all types of clients and verticals, from large global brands and agencies to growing start-ups.


How much should I charge?

That depends on how much you need and want to make. You can click here to download our Rate Calculator and put in your numbers. Also, it’s great to ask around to other freelancers at your level and in your market.


Is Uncompany project managing all the work?

No, we are working as a connector. Our goal with our work is to connect the right freelancer and client. After we complete the introduction and paperwork we are out of the middle and our freelancers run the project and manage the relationship. We can be pulled in to mediate conflict situations or if there is a change to scope that would affect the contract or estimate.


What happens if the client tries to go around Uncompany and work directly with a freelancer?

This doesn’t happen very often and if it does it’s usually just from confusion around the process. If this does happen we ask that our freelancers reach out to the Freelance Relationship Manager and Client Manager and loop them into the client request.


Do I discuss project estimates with the client or how does that work?

We ask that our freelancers don’t discuss project estimates with the client but instead share your quote with us so we can follow the process through our system. We do this because if we deviate then it causes confusion on the client-side with billing.


How can I be sure what the contract and estimate will be?

We will send you a contract that includes scope, timeline, deliverables, and estimate with you and get your approval prior to starting any work.


Am I W2 or 1099?

All of our freelancers are considered 1099. We do not take out taxes from your check so you will need to be accountable for this.


What type of “onboarding” do I need to go through to be a working member?

Initially we go through a group interview stage where you will be in a video call with a few other applicants. We will use this time to go over questions and ask a few of our own. Next we will then have you go through some online training consisting of videos and some questions. The purpose of the training is for you to better understand how we work. Finally, once you have a job to jump into we will send you several documents to review and sign as well as potentially have you complete a basic background check.

If you don’t see the answer to your question above you can set up a time to talk with our RELATIONSHIP MANAGER by booking time here. »