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We were started by freelancers to make freelancing work better. We want your decision to freelance to be the best decision you’ve ever made. We are here to be your connection to career development, community, and jobs.

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We will connect you to our growing network with virtual happy hours and events. Use the network. Harness it’s power!



We will connect you to skills and training to help you grow your business through webinars, courses, and coaching.



We will use the information you provide in the form below to get a basic understanding of your skills and experience. When we have an opening in our Working Member pool, we will reach out and schedule a time to talk.

What we expect of you:



We believe the first step to being a successful freelancer is the desire to learn, grow, and be comfortable with being uncomfortable.



The best way to become successful is to dive in with both feet. We will give you opportunities to meet others in our network and learn through our webinars and events. Show up, share your knowledge, and be active.



The “Get Things Done Gene” is the attitude and spirit at the core of Uncompany. The best freelancers get things done every day.

What some of our freelancers have said…

“I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Uncompany is like having an agent, an accountant and a work friend all in one.”

— Adam Temple – Motion Designer

“Working with The Uncompany has been essential to building my freelance business. They’ve paired me with excellent clients and provide all the support needed to keep me focused on doing the work I love!”

— Jenn Soloway – Web Developer

“The Uncompany team has been nothing but amazing to work with. They’ve connected me with great companies and matched my skillsets to the right projects. Good people made this company, and it shows, I could not be happier.”

— Dennis McGee – Creative Director + Designer

“Uncompany has made my decision to go full-time as a freelancer a success from the start. They have paired me with great clients, given me the tools to feel confident and a community to learn on when needed.”

— Culbreth Jones – Senior Art Director

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