Get started with your OnDeck team!

When you need a team that can ebb and flow with your companies needs building a solid freelance bench that can work together is key. OnDeck is the service that gives you access to a large team with the flexibility of freelancers.

What is OnDeck?
A custom picked freelance team, built based on your needs and budget all working through one streamlined process to make it easy on you.

Why is it great?
OnDeck eliminates the searching, onboarding, and processing of freelancers. You have access to a huge talent pool with the fraction of what it would cost you in a full-time hire.

How much does it cost?
Our freelancers range from $65 per/hr + based on experience and skills. We build your team based on your needs, budget, and goals. There is no on-going cost. You pay based on how much freelancer time is used.

Where do I start?
Get started by filling out the form on the page with some details and a Uncompany team member will circle back to get more information.