We make freelance your best decision

Uncompany was started by freelancers to make freelancing work better. We want your decision to freelance to be the best decision you’ve ever made by connecting you to career development, community, and job opportunities.


We understand that it can be lonely out there. Community is important, and the identity you get with it is essential in managing and growing your business. As a Free Agent Member with Uncompany, you’ll get access to our Discord community and emails that will give you connection, content, and opportunities to apply for work.

How It Works

Our goal is to make freelancing as frictionless as possible. We strive to do this by first connecting you with the 54-million-person community you are a part of. In our Discord community, our hope is that you meet other freelancers, share insights and resources, and even collaborate on work. We can build stronger businesses together. 

To help you build your empire to whatever size and scale you want it to be, we provide you with ongoing education and resources through our Discord platform, email, and webinars. 

Finally, we offer opportunities to work with Uncompany clients. We have a select number of Working Members within our network, onboarded to our system and ready to jump in and work with our clients. As a Free Agent Member, you will be notified when we have recruiting windows for general applications or open positions for in-demand skills.

“Uncompany has made my decision to go full-time as a freelancer a success from the start. They have paired me with great clients, given me the tools to feel confident and a community to learn on when needed.”
– Culbreth – Senior Art Director


Connect with other freelancers in our network – share resources, stories, and collaborate on work.

Access articles, downloadable resources, and toolkits from both Uncompany and our network.

Receive emails from Unco, keeping you up to date with what’s happening in our world and the world of freelance.

Be the first to be alerted when there is an opportunity to apply to our working pool and access our client jobs.

Personal Support
Gain access to our Talent Relationship Manager for support, because sometimes you just need someone to talk to.

Attend programs such as video open office work togethers, Discord roundtable chats, skill shares, and events.

“I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Uncompany is like having an agent, an accountant and a work friend all in one.
– Adam – Motion Designer

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