It’s time to build your custom freelance team. OnDeck lets you build your own internal agency or develop a resource pool that allows you to scale up and down as needed. Your dedicated Client Director works with you to identify the right mix of skills and bandwidth, onboards your team proactively, and gives you direct access to start and finish jobs quickly.


OnDeck was created to give you direct access to your freelance pool. After our implementation process, you will be able to start, track, and directly work with your freelance team. You will directly manage it all through our Uncompany portal software.

  1. Sign up for membership
  2. Meet with Unco Client Director
  3. Define your needed roles
  4. Develop your Onboarding playbook
  5. Meet your team
  6. Get to work

OnDeck Features

Custom Freelance Pool
No need to go fishing for new freelance help for every project. Your OnDeck team is set up and ready to jump in.

OnDeck Software
We built our own custom software to give you direct access to your team without us playing goalie. You drop in your project code, details, and budget, email your freelancer, and they are off and running.

Simplified Billing 
One contract. One bill. It’s magical. With OnDeck, you sign one yearly contract, locking in the team’s hourly rates.You will get one bill per month.

Back Office + Compliance
We take care of ACH payment for your freelancers, time tracking reports, tax reporting, NDAs.

Dedicated Client Success Manager
Your Client Success Manager will be your guide and advisor while building your OnDeck team. They will provide weekly check-ins and monthly temp checks to review freelancer use, project numbers, and growth opportunities.

Onboarding + Training
A big part of a successful freelance team is a consistent process and onboarding. We will proactively onboard your freelance team to your business, and each Uncompany freelancer will complete a level of training to ensure a consistent working process.


Savings on fixed cost when compared to FTE team


Average size of Uncompany OnDeck team

18 yrs

Average number of years of team experience


“Our relationship with Uncompany is a natural extension of our team, and working with them is super easy.”
– Jeremy Swiller / Global Brand Senior Operations Manager, Lenovo

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