Sometimes it’s great to know who’s got your back. We just wanted to say we are on your quaranteam. Click to view your affirmation.

The way you made those rice and beans would make Bobby Flay blush. I like you, and so does the Amazon/InstaCart/FedEx delivery guy. Super cuts? More like Super-DUPER cuts. Great job with your at-home haircut. Congratulations on crafting the perfect Netflix queue. Your ability to multitask your Zoom call, 3rd grade Spelling test, AND your social feed is incredible. You're right; those squirrels are getting a little "too" close. Good call on making ankle socks this season's hot "shoes." It's fine. You're fine. We are all fine. You're crushing your rationing of toilet paper and Ozark. We can all be grateful that we don't have Tiger King as our neighbor. Congratulations! You have reached the end of the internet. Those pants are the perfect synthesis of comfortable and acceptable in public. Your new hobby of "sidewalk chalk sayings" shows your artistic depth and sensitivity. Way to crush your 4th Masterclass. Watch out, world! Those Insta-memes of your dog are THE BEST on the interwebs. The feng shui of your desk succulents optimizes energy better than Apple sleep mode. I love how you make coffee, pretzels, and half your kids waffle a yummy breakfast. You have a great voice.. Sing it with me..."working 9 to um....yea".... If you didn't know it already, we'd totally pick you for our dodgeball team after school. It's okay to judge; your neighbors are TOTALLY not social distancing properly. Some people look great in hats. You look great in masks and hats and whatever. No one does you like you do you and you are doing great. You are my spirit animal. This just in: you being AWESOME is never cancelled. Showering only every few days? That’s both financially and environmentally responsible of you! Yes, I believe Nutella is one of the major food groups. It's not you. It's them and their ability to "better themselves" during these "unprecedented" times. Your second career in esports is just getting started. You are totally justified in spending your "Starbucks money" on random Amazon things. I like you so much that I'm driving to GA to get a tattoo with your name. You have a face that was made for Zoom and a wit that deserves it's own Slack channel. News ALERT: You are trending in my heart. Your kids are so grateful that you've let go of "no popsicles for breakfast" AND the Amazon passcode. Way to go making this years "hairstyle" the old baseball cap. It's entirely acceptable to let your kids wear their pjs...all week. You’re right, it’s not your fault fresh veggies go bad quickly and Cheetos have a 30-year shelf-life. Your kid is the cutest one on every Zoom. No kid? That means you’re the cutest one. It hasn’t gone unnoticed how often you step off the sidewalk first. You have raised air-hugging to an art form. You may miss errands, but guess what? Errands miss YOU more! You can make a re-run of the 1981 NBA Finals feel like they happened yesterday. Your ability to hear people chewing two rooms away is remarkable. Your Zoom background puts my Zoom background to shame.