Uncompany Exhibit B // Projects

Uncompany Exhibit B // Projects

This Exhibit B is made effective as of  and is by and between  (“CLIENT”) and The Uncompany, LLC (“Uncompany”). 

CLIENT desires for Uncompany to perform the Projects Services as described below.

All terms and conditions for Uncompany’s Projects Services shall be governed by the Master Service Agreement.  If there is a conflict between this Exhibit and the Master Service Agreement then the Master Service Agreement shall prevail.

How It Works //
Projects is your connection to custom project-based freelancers and freelance teams. We match the perfect freelancer or freelance team to your project.

Uncompany will hand select and vet a pool of qualified freelancers and teams to provide services for CLIENT on an as project basis pursuant to any appropriate SOW(s) established between CLIENT and Uncompany.  Uncompany will directly engage the services of qualified freelancers and freelance teams and shall execute an Independent Contractor Agreement between Uncompany and each freelancer.  

Uncompany will discuss CLIENT project requirements with the CLIENT hiring manager, and will agree upon preferred freelancer and team qualifications, experience, and skills.  Uncompany will introduce freelancers and teams who meet the CLIENT requirements, and CLIENT will coordinate the completion of the services to be provided by each freelancer.  Uncompany will provide project estimate(s) to CLIENT. Uncompany will handle all payments to selected freelancers and teams.

Fees //
At the signing of any SOW, the parties shall agree in writing to either: i) CLIENT will be billed a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of the project fee or ii) CLIENT shall be billed based upon agreed project milestones. 

If a SOW is cancelled after CLIENT’s written execution and before the beginning of any services performed by a freelancer then a cancellation fee of fifteen percent (15%) of the project fee will be billed and owed by CLIENT. 

If a project is cancelled for any reason other than quality of work product then a cancellation fee of fifteen percent (15%) of remaining project feel will be billed and owed by CLIENT.

Payment Information//
Payment will be billed directly to CLIENT finance or CLIENT billing platform. 

Conversion of Freelance candidate to Full Time Employment //

The terms of this type of conversion shall be dictated by the Master Service Agreement

Project Guidelines:

  • Client understands that Client is responsible for communicating changes that could impact scope of project; deadlines, reviews, deliverables, budget changes, etc, directly to Uncompany.

  • Client understands that any changes that could impact scope may result in an adjustment of budget, timing, or Client’s freelancer or freelancer team.

  • Client agrees to communicate clearly and in a timely manner with Client’s freelancer, freelance team, or Uncompany during the project.

  • Client agrees to discuss any issues or conflict with the freelancer or freelance team as they arise directly with Uncompany.

  • Client understands that any delay in review, delivery of assets or files, or adjusted scope could result in an adjustment of schedule. 


The signature below confirms acceptance of this Exhibit B and Uncompany’s Projects Services and any related Statement of Work(s).


The Uncompany, LLC


Maari Casey, Founder & CEO.






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