What’s Happening At Uncompany: an End of the Year Update.

Written by Maari Casey on December 27, 2019

An End of the Year Update and a Look Into What’s Coming in 2020.

It’s been a great year with Uncompany. Another year of learning and trying things. We are now up to a staff of 3 full time folks and 1 regular freelancer. We worked over 300 jobs with over 43 clients and over 317 freelancers and teams. We met our goal of adding new clients and larger projects and even started to dip our toes into new markets like Atlanta and DC. Next year we will continue to grow with the development of some custom software that will allow both our clients and freelancers to be managed in one spot. Thanks to all who have worked with us and our MVP systems through the last 5 years. We hope with this new portal to simplify things even more. Another new addition will be formalizing memberships. As we grow we have to find a simpler solution for managing the membership pool and so going forward we will have two types of membership see below.

Another initiative we will be doing next year will be building a charitably freelancer group. Many of our freelancers have expressed interest in being a part of a collaborative group who could support charities and non profits together. We will be assembling interested parties early next year in the hopes of partnering with our skills to support Gabbi’s Grounds and other charities.

This year we will be in our 5th year of business. Our goal in the beginning of Uncompany was to supply freelancers and clients with opportunities to connect for work, on-going education around building a business and independent working, as well as connecting the larger community as a whole. Community, education, and opportunity will come together this year with continued client work, webinars with like-minded partners and both live and virtual events.

It is our hope that with each year and your help we will build a freelance system that connects talented independents and companies in a transparent, simple, and transformative way.

2020 Memeberships

Uncompany Community Membership – Free
This membership is for anyone who is interested in being a part of the Uncompany community and be on our email list for community events and education. 

Benefits –
Custom profile in our database
– Inclusion on the Uncompany email list
– Information regarding community events and education
Uncompany Active Membership – $150
This membership is for freelancers who wish to be included in Uncompany job opportunities, active member-only events and education.

Benefits –
Custom profile in our database
– Inclusion in Uncompany job opportunities both individual and team-based
General + Professional + Worker’s comp insurance for Uncompany-placed jobs
NET 30 payment for Uncompany-placed jobs
Inclusion on the Uncompany email list
Information regarding community and active member-only events and education
Free and reduced cost for events and education

*this fee comes out automatically unless cancelled.

Thank you for helping us with another year of making
unconventional working more workable.